Thursday, March 7, 2013

Best Stretch Mark Creams, Skinception VS. TriLastin SR

Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream
Choosing the best stretch mark cream that works on all those problem areas is harder than you think. If you have finally decided to do something about fading those ugly marks that have scarred your tummy, hips and breast, then hopefully this will help in selecting just the right product to deliver visible results in record time. 

The reason most people prefer using a stretch mark removal cream to help reduce the appearance of scarring is simply because it's convenient, very affordable when compared to other methods, and can be used in the privacy of your home. In fact, when used as recommended, overall statistics show that over 82% of users reported a significant reduction in the appearance of their existing stretch marks within the first 60 days. These proven results can be most rewarding and have you feeling great about your skin again, and after all - isn't that what it's all about.

If your going to invest in a stretch mark cream, it is imperative to use a clinical product that is designed to prevent and restore stretch marks where they start, which is the inner most layers of the dermis. Do Not waste your money on ordinary store bought moisturizers that do absolutely nothing to address the problem of rebuilding damaged, torn areas of the skin that have been depleted of precious elastin and natural collages stores. In all honesty, any stretch mark removal cream product that you decide to use will not be inexpensive. Currently, Skinception and TriLastin SR are the 2 best stretch mark creams sold online, according to actual customer reviews and annually reported sales. The average price for a 1 month supply will cost between $40 to $125 depending upon which product line is chosen, along with any coupons or promotions that are offered at the time of purchase. Happily, after 60 to 90 days you should be thrilled with visible results that should more than justify the personal investment. I have put together a brief overview of both skin care lines. Just click any link or image on the page to read more in depth stretch mark cream reviews.

Skinception VS TriLastin

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream

1: Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream: offers a synergy of highly effective ingredients that are most effective at quickly healing tender, dark new red welts that may have happened during pregnancy or growth spurts. Skinception, offers a very affordable "Mom To Be Special".  This 9 month maternity package provides non-stop pregnancy stretch mark prevention for the low price of $39.95. Unlike other brands, Skinception prides itself at being most versatile in offering their customers 7 unique packages and a variety of price options to choose from, including a free gift and free shipping offers. Skinception, extends a 90 day Risk Free Guarantee, which is the longest trial offer in the industry.

2: TriLastin-SR-Stretch Mark Complex: from EC Research Corp. provides a patented, virtual patch delivery system that uses powerful botanical and cosemeutical grade ingredients to enhance new cellular regeneration of collagen fiber and elastin - the end result is truly amazing. Their official website offers actual before and after photos of clinical results when used for just 60 days.

TriLastin Before & After Photos

TriLastin has been providing serious stretch mark solutions to rapidly repair even the most damaged areas of the skin that have been ravaged by stretch mark scarring for over 13 years. The TriLastin Sr 6oz tube is priced as low as $73.31, which may include TriLastin Coupons and free shipping offers when available. EC Research, offers a Risk Free 60 day money back guarantee on all of their anti aging skin care products.

TriLastin Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream
TriLastin Maternity is a new product line that was developed especially for pregnant women, TriLastin Maternity is a pregnancy stretch mark cream that encourages optimal skin hydration and elasticity using over 15 botanical oils and extracts to protect taught, stressed skin. TriLastin Maternity sells at a more affordable price point of just $26.95 for a 4oz jar.

Of course the available options for stretch mark products can be overwhelming to the average consumer. There are too many to choose from. In review, starting at the top of the list can save you time and wasted money. The 2 best options mentioned above are guaranteed to dramatically improve the appearance of unwanted stretch marks while forming a protective barrier against future occurrences.

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