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How To Remove Stretch Marks

 Dramatic Before & After Photos

Although there is a long list of female problems that the average woman has to deal with in life -- nothing can be more troublesome than stretch marks. These permanent, deeply etched skin scars are not at all harmful to the health - however, they are most debilitating to the fragile psyche of a woman's ego. In dealing with the tender subject of correcting these ugly and embarrassing marks, the most frequently asked question by far is, How do I safely remove stretch marks?

The honest answer is that stretch mark removal is a long process that can provide extremely good results in at least 90% of all cases if you are willing to invest the time in proper diet, hydration and most of all making a 60 to 120 day commitment to using a clinical strength stretch mark cream to heal and replenish collagen and elastin that has been depleted in damaged skin.

There are many ways to correct stretch marks. The most popular methods of stretch marks treatment available can range from using an affordable stretch marks cream, to spa procedures which include micro dermabrasion, laser therapy to more drastic cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks.

Unfortunately, most women just do not have the budget and time to invest in these risky and costly treatments. The good news is that millions of women have found that it is easy and effective to correct their unsightly stretch marks in the privacy of their own home by gently massaging stretch mark removal cream to any area of the stomach, breast, hips, thighs or any other area of the body that they wish to dramatically improve the look and feel of any problems they may have. This method is as easy as making sure to use a gentle exfoliate twice daily by using a loofah or natural body scrub just before bathing.
Exfoliate Twice Daily

The second step is to apply a generous amount of your choice of stretch mark cream directly to each mark. Allow the cream to completely soak in by using a circular massaging motion.

I would advise doing this both morning and evening, and even a 3rd time if your schedule and budget permits.

Depending upon the severity of your scars, you should begin to see a visible difference in as little as 3 weeks. A total transformation should be complete within 6 moths of using this prescribed method of correction.

If you have not yet begun the process of rejuvenating your damaged skin, I am sure you will find that by using the right stretch marks treatment for your individual needs will be most rewarding.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Best Stretch Mark Reviews...Read Them Before You Buy

Did you know that some of the most honest stretch mark reviews are not written by professional bloggers, they are written by ordinary people just like you that want to share their personal opinion about a certain product they have used.
Stretch Marks are the number one beauty concern among women according to Dr. OZ. In fact, he dedicated a whole segment of his show to stretch mark removal.

When it comes to something as important as treating your skin for any type of scarring, it is important to research even the best stretch marks cream before deciding to buy. The consumer should keep in mind that with any skin care or beauty product there can be a lot of hype in advertising. This is especially true when it comes to treating this embarrassing skin condition that effects over 90% of women and at least 8% of men. Unfortunately, most over the counter creams lay false claims to providing instant results. That leaves most buyers with much mistrust. This is where taking the time to read stretch mark cream reviews from real users is invaluable and can mean the difference between getting visible results you expect or wasting your hard earned money.

If you have been thinking of improving your skin by using a stretch mark removal cream the time to do it is now! Clinical strength products such as Skinception stretch mark therapy cream, Revitol or TriLastin -SR, are the top rated topical treatments sold online today. They all provide actual before and after photos, client testimonials and an honest risk free trial period of 60 to 90 days so that you may try them with confidence that your purchase is guaranteed.

Any of these 3 client tested and approved products will provide the much needed healing and repair to damaged skin that has been subjected to hurtful and sensitive scarring that may have occurred from a recent pregnancy, unexplained weight gain, bodybuilding or growth spurts caused by puberty.

To read more Stretch Mark Reviews on the products mentioned above please visit


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Best Cream To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

After doing much research on the subject of stretch marks, I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that everyone is at risk of developing these unflattering marks when you least expect them. In fact, something as common as dehydration can cause undue stress to dry parched skin.

Most people when asked about these unsightly dark red marks think that they are solely associated with pregnancy. While pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing stretch marks due to weight gain and extreme stretching of the skin around their abdomen and breast area this statement does not necessarily ring true. Their have been a number of women that have had numerous births and have emerged totally stretch mark free.

The truth is that stretch marks happen when the three layers of the skin are compromised due to stress. The more pliable and supple the condition of the skin the easier it is to avoid getting stretch marks. If you are interested in keeping your body free of these unsightly skin scars make sure to incorporate these three important habits in your daily routine:

MOISTURIZE, your skin both day and night. Make sure to use an effective all over body moisturizer that is made with all natural ingredients. One of the most effective and guaranteed stretch mark prevention creams available today is TriLastin-SR. TriLastin has been especially formulated to work with your skin to avoid stretch marks from occurring.

HYDRATE, yourself throughout the day, everyday! Make water your best friend. Avoid caffinated and carbonated beverages as these are diuretics that are extremely dehydrating. When your skin is fully hydrated your risk of developing stretch marks due to dry parched skin is greatly diminished. Hydrated skin will appear plumped up and younger looking and who doesn't love that look!

HEALTHY DIET, you are what you eat! That is not just a cliche, it pertains to your over all health and that includes the health of your skin. A diet rich in nutrients such as fruits, nuts, grains and dark leafy greens help to keep skin fibers strong and at less risk to rupture under stressful situations that may arise from pregnancy, weight gain and growth spurts.

Everyone is at risk of developing stretch marks, however knowing what to do to avoid them is easy. Just follow these guidelines, use your cream for stretch marks religiously and you will help to minimize your chances by keeping your skin health, strong and well hydrated.

To find out more about TriLastin clinical strength stretch mark cream please visit

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Stretch Mark Cream Reviews, Why Are They So Popular

Have you been considering doing something about those awful looking stretch marks, but just don't know where to start gathering information about stretch mark removal? Then you have clicked into the right page. Our in depth review of TriLastin -SR stretch mark cream will show you just how easy and affordable it is to quickly see visible results in less than 30 days for even the very worst case of scarring that may have occurred from a previous pregnancy or other common reasons of extreme weight gain.

Did you know that millions of people read online reviews everyday as one of the most trusted ways to quickly gain information about a specific product or service before purchasing. This is especially true when deciding to use a cream for stretch mark removal.

Although, clinical strength creams like TriLastin - Skinception and Revitol are both proven and guaranteed to work over 90% of the time, women still like to be reassured before deciding to buy. That's why stretch mark cream reviews have become so popular and also the main reason that they sell 2 to 1 over any other stretch marks treatment, not to mention that they are a fraction of the cost.
How Do Stretch Mark Creams Work?

The 3 best selling creams for stretch marks, as mentioned above - all have one thing in common: They are all cosmeceutical strength and are developed with cutting edge scientific research in the study of skin regeneration. As per each products exact specification, a natural synergy of botanical oils and powerful collagen boosting peptides are developed to carefully penetrate the top layers of the dermis, while actually encouraging new collagen and elastin growth to heal and eradicate the source of deeply etched scars from within. Depending on your individual needs, that being prevention or stretch mark removal the two most important components that are found in healthy, strong skin is an abundance of Collagen fibers and elastin.. It is these two main ingredients that are responsible for delivering amazing results within 2-3 months of using any of these highly recommended and reviewed creams.

It is advisable to keep plenty of stretch mark cream on hand, and should be used as a daily deep moisturizing body cream because it has been found to prevent stretch marks from occurring during stressful situations such as pregnancy, weight gain, during weight lifting or severe weight loss. Both men and women alike apply liberal amounts of this super infused moisturizer as a stretch mark control for healing and prevention before any stretch marks occur.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Best Stretch Mark Removal, What's The Answer

Getting rid of stretch marks is a dream come true for the millions of people who share in this embarrassing skin problem.

If this article is speaking to you, I am sure that the thought of stretch mark removal has crossed your mind a time or two. Especially when beach season rolls around and all your doing is coming up with inventive, discreet ways to hide your body so others do not look sadly upon those ugly red welts or shiny white streaks that are spread across your hips, thighs and belly. In some severe cases people hide under shirts because of their stretch marks on the back and arms as well.

Stretch marks are a confidence killer to say the least.
The problem is that when asked, most people just don't know where to start when choosing the best stretch mark removal option for their personal needs. Considering the fact that there are at least 3 viable ways to go about lessening the appearance of striae (clinical term for stretch mark). The most effective and affordable way to fade and reduce these marks in record time is by using a clinically proven stretch marks cream. Although the other popular treatments include surgical tummy tucks, dermabrasion and laser skin procedures. Unfortunately, most people these days really don't have the time and money to dedicate to these three latter procedures.

Another reason that using a cream for stretch marks has become so unbelievably popular is that the majority of people, especially women feel good about treating stretch marks in the privacy of home rather than reveal their ugly scars to virtual strangers in doctors offices. This method proves to be most convenient considering the fact that most stretch mark products recommend using the cream at least 2 times per day. The last point that I would advocate using a stretch mark removal cream, is that it feels great  to invest your time and money in a guaranteed and proven product that honestly does work 90% of the time. Those are very good statistics for those of you looking to finally heal and dramatically reduce the appearance of those unflattering marks you have been stressing over for way to long.

In closing, millions of people cannot be wrong when it comes to putting their trust in using this method of stretch mark removal.

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DIY: Stretch Mark Removal

Easy Stretch Mark Removal
One of the top beauty concerns of most women - and some men, is getting rid of ugly stretch marks. The two main reasons why stretch mark removal goes unchallenged is because of economic concern and basic lack of knowledge. That is until "DIY", also known as "Do It Yourself" has become wildly popular among an ever growing group of people who read online blogs which show how easy it is to remove stretch marks easily and affordably in the privacy of their own home.

Although there are 3 ways to go about the task of lessening the appearance of these embarrassing body scars, 2 of the ways come with a hefty price tag, not to mention safety issues and no guarantees.

If I have your attention and you are wondering what these 3 stretch mark removal procedures may be they are in order of cost:

Surgical Tummy Tuck - Involves admittance to a hospital and is considered cosmetic surgery. Therefore, not covered by insurance. The risk for infection is high as with any surgical procedure. The recovery may be up to 6 weeks, and you will be left with a scar that looks much like an incision form a C-Section. Correct me if I am wrong, but are we not trying to remove unsightly marks? Not add to the problem?
Another problem with tummy tucks, is that they are only performed on the lower part of the abdomen. In most cases, the desired outcome is less than expected, simply because stretch marks are generally spread over the hips, buttocks and thigh area. They are not concentrated in one area. In fact, after pregnancy or extreme weight gain for other reasons, women have been left with deep red welts across their breast, inside of thighs and arms. Tummy tucks come with no satisfaction guarantee.
Average Price: $7,925. Wow! that's a lot to spend on getting rid of stretch marks ...

Professional Laser Treatment - A series of laser treatments can be used to remove dead skin tissue around existing areas of scarring. The success of this procedure has to do with skin tone, the severity of the scars and how long you have had your marks. You will need at least 6 to 12 treatments to actually see any visible difference. Depending upon your location and the doctor you choose the average cost can be anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000, with a national average cost of $5,100. Wow! that's a lot to spend on getting rid of stretch marks...

Stretch Mark Removal Cream - Is used by millions of people worldwide as the most affordable and safest way to dramatically reduce the look and feel of stretch marks. *Note: It is most important to use a clinical, proven product to receive permanent real results. A drugstore brand that is not much more than a body moisturizer will NOT work. Coco Butter is NOT a stretch mark cream. If you are unsure about which brand will work best for you, I strongly suggest reading at least 5 online reviews before purchasing. Stretch mark cream reviews are a valuable way of finding out about the product and what you can expect when using it.  Ingredients, instructions for best results and company guarantee and reputation should all be included in an unbiased review. The average cost of the best selling stretch mark creams sold online are between $39.95 and $85.00 for an average 6-oz tube which should last one month. *Note: This depends upon the effected area that needs treatment and severity of your marks.

Right now, the best stretch mark creams with the highest consumer ratings and best clinical results are:

                               TriLastin                  Skinception              Revitol

For in depth product reviews and valuable coupons please visit:

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How Not To Get Stretch Marks

Are you concerned about getting Stretch Marks? Just about every woman is at one time or another. Although this unsightly type of skin scarring is not serious to your health, it sure can ruin the appearance of your skin - not to mention your self esteem. The best way to avoid getting stretch marks is to be smart about your body care regime and by watching your diet, weight and bodies hydration level at all times. It would also be a good idea to begin applying an emollient cream for stretch marks as the best insurance policy against getting them in the first place. Just consider it your main skin care cream as well as your best line of defense.

Understanding Stretch Marks

Your body is most vulnerable to stretch marks when the skin is dehydrated and stressed.  This is the perfect storm for the occurrence of stria (clinical term for stretch marks).

This is the main reason that over 90% of women begin to notice stretch marks in or around their 3rd trimester.  Loss of skins elasticity, coupled with a breakdown of collagen fibers and elastin deep within the layers of the hypodermis cause deep, painful tears on the hips, thighs, breast and belly of a women's body.
Of course, men are not exempt from getting these embarrassing marks.  Bodybuilding is the main cause of men's stretch marks along with older silver streaks that may have happened during growth spurts and hormonal swings in puberty. Unfortunately, an extreme weight gain at any time in a persons life will probably cause stretch marks as well.

There are many stretch mark removal creams on the market that have great results in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks after they occur, but honestly that's when it is the hardest to reverse the damage. That is why prevention can not be stressed enough!

Be decisive before deciding to use a stretch mark product, mostly because they are specifically formulated to deliver different results. For instance, the 3 best stretch mark cream products for prevention are Skinception, TriLastin and Revitol. If you are lucky enough to be stretch mark free, then please, make the investment in your skin and use any one of these body care products as your daily moisturizer. They may cost a fraction more than other name brand moisturizing creams, but they have superior ingredients that will nourish and protect your skin while keeping it healthy and super elastic. Believe me, it's worth the price.

In fact, after reading the companies 60 to 90 day risk free trial guarantees, return policies, client testimonials, and checking out each individual products reviews, along with clinical before and after photos you will find that they are also the most effective and affordably priced of over 100 different brands sold online today.

*Note: Click any link to read in depth product reviews 

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Skinception -Stretch Mark Cream Review

A Review of Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

In the grand scheme of things, stretch marks tell the world you've been around and done remarkable things. But on the beach, and behind closed doors, they're the kind of biological milestones that are not only unflattering, they also really hurt your self-esteem.
Stretch marks ain't sexy. We know this. We see this. And yet up to 90% of mothers have them. That sexy bathing suit body you had? Um, well the important thing is that you still think you're sexy. Or do you?
And it's not just pregnancy that triggers these scars of life where you least want them. Adolescence, weight gain or loss. Heck, even weight-lifting can cause stretch marks. Did you get that guys?
Suffice to say, you're reading this article because you've got stretch marks. More importantly, you want to minimize those stretch marks and the effect they have on your self- esteem.
If that's the case, we have good news for you: Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Striae, or stretch marks, form when the skin has been scarred from the inside-out.
Contrary to what you may have heard, they're not just the result of skin that's been stretched beyond its limit. Healthy skin requires two things: collagen and elastin. Collagen gives rigidity to the connective tissues. And elastin, as its name implies, gives elasticity to the skin.
You know how when you pinch your skin it quickly retains its original shape? Elastin in action.
Some life events, including pregnancy, weight gain or loss, surgery and adolescence cause the body to secrete a hormone called glucocorticoids. And this hormone prevents the skin from producing the collagen and elastin required for taut, young skin.
Without collagen and elastin, the layers of skin separate. At first we see them as angry red strips. Then the blood vessels dilate, and the loss of pigment eventually leads to a silver or white appearance. And voila - stretch marks. On the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. The sexy spots. How...unsexy.

How Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Can Help

Now for some good news. You can erase those ugly stretch marks and feel good about your skin.
Skinception Stretch Mark Cream is a hybrid of patented peptides and natural skin care. The peptides include Regestril, Darutoside and ProCollOne+. If your stretch marks are bugging you, keep reading.
In a recent clinical study, of 13 women with post-pregnancy stretch marks, participants applied a two per cent concentration of Regestril on the affected area for two months. After which, the women noticed something truly remarkable - a 72.5% reduction in the depth of stretch marks. After just two months.
Another peptide in Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, Darutoside, reduced the length of stretch marks in a four week clinical study by 52%. And collagen production? ProCollOne+ is clinically proven to stimulate collagen fibroblasts by an astounding 1,190%!
Those are the kinds of numbers that fade stretch marks, restore skin tone and raise sex appeal. Stretch marks ain't sexy, and thanks to Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, you won't have to bear them again.
By the way, expecting mothers should check out the Mom-to-Be package: a nine month supply of the best stretch mark cream on the market, a tenth jar for free, a one month supply of Skinception's Kollagen Intensiv and free shipping in the United States. All for just $39.99 a month.

Stretch marks don't stand a chance!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Best Stretch Mark Creams, Skinception VS. TriLastin SR

Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream
Choosing the best stretch mark cream that works on all those problem areas is harder than you think. If you have finally decided to do something about fading those ugly marks that have scarred your tummy, hips and breast, then hopefully this will help in selecting just the right product to deliver visible results in record time. 

The reason most people prefer using a stretch mark removal cream to help reduce the appearance of scarring is simply because it's convenient, very affordable when compared to other methods, and can be used in the privacy of your home. In fact, when used as recommended, overall statistics show that over 82% of users reported a significant reduction in the appearance of their existing stretch marks within the first 60 days. These proven results can be most rewarding and have you feeling great about your skin again, and after all - isn't that what it's all about.

If your going to invest in a stretch mark cream, it is imperative to use a clinical product that is designed to prevent and restore stretch marks where they start, which is the inner most layers of the dermis. Do Not waste your money on ordinary store bought moisturizers that do absolutely nothing to address the problem of rebuilding damaged, torn areas of the skin that have been depleted of precious elastin and natural collages stores. In all honesty, any stretch mark removal cream product that you decide to use will not be inexpensive. Currently, Skinception and TriLastin SR are the 2 best stretch mark creams sold online, according to actual customer reviews and annually reported sales. The average price for a 1 month supply will cost between $40 to $125 depending upon which product line is chosen, along with any coupons or promotions that are offered at the time of purchase. Happily, after 60 to 90 days you should be thrilled with visible results that should more than justify the personal investment. I have put together a brief overview of both skin care lines. Just click any link or image on the page to read more in depth stretch mark cream reviews.

Skinception VS TriLastin

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream

1: Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream: offers a synergy of highly effective ingredients that are most effective at quickly healing tender, dark new red welts that may have happened during pregnancy or growth spurts. Skinception, offers a very affordable "Mom To Be Special".  This 9 month maternity package provides non-stop pregnancy stretch mark prevention for the low price of $39.95. Unlike other brands, Skinception prides itself at being most versatile in offering their customers 7 unique packages and a variety of price options to choose from, including a free gift and free shipping offers. Skinception, extends a 90 day Risk Free Guarantee, which is the longest trial offer in the industry.

2: TriLastin-SR-Stretch Mark Complex: from EC Research Corp. provides a patented, virtual patch delivery system that uses powerful botanical and cosemeutical grade ingredients to enhance new cellular regeneration of collagen fiber and elastin - the end result is truly amazing. Their official website offers actual before and after photos of clinical results when used for just 60 days.

TriLastin Before & After Photos

TriLastin has been providing serious stretch mark solutions to rapidly repair even the most damaged areas of the skin that have been ravaged by stretch mark scarring for over 13 years. The TriLastin Sr 6oz tube is priced as low as $73.31, which may include TriLastin Coupons and free shipping offers when available. EC Research, offers a Risk Free 60 day money back guarantee on all of their anti aging skin care products.

TriLastin Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream
TriLastin Maternity is a new product line that was developed especially for pregnant women, TriLastin Maternity is a pregnancy stretch mark cream that encourages optimal skin hydration and elasticity using over 15 botanical oils and extracts to protect taught, stressed skin. TriLastin Maternity sells at a more affordable price point of just $26.95 for a 4oz jar.

Of course the available options for stretch mark products can be overwhelming to the average consumer. There are too many to choose from. In review, starting at the top of the list can save you time and wasted money. The 2 best options mentioned above are guaranteed to dramatically improve the appearance of unwanted stretch marks while forming a protective barrier against future occurrences.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

There are a number of ways to remove stretch marks. The optimal way is by preventing them from occurring in the first place. However, if you have already experienced this problem first hand due to weight gain, pregnancy or growth spurts, there is no need to worry about getting rid of these unflattering marks.  The most affordable and easily used method by thousands of women each day is the little know secret of stretch mark removal cream. Using a specifically designed skin care product that contains rich emollient botanical oils and a synergy of other powerful ingredients to heal and rebuild collagen and elastin fibers is the quickest way to permanently fade and minimize the appearance of deep, red welts that have ruined your skins lovely appearance. In fact, many women use these types of creams as a purely preventative measure to stop stretch marks before they start.

Other popular, though highly expensive options that are sometimes used to get rid of stretch marks are laser therapy, harsh chemical peels and dermabrasion. All three of these treatments will produce good results, unfortunately, it usually takes a number of visits before you will be able to achieve any visible results. Often these methods are too extreme for already damaged and weakened skin that there is a higher risk of infection, rashes, permanent redness and dark areas of pigmentation that do not respond well to the treatment. The degree of success with any stretch mark removal procedure has different variable factors such as heredity, age, skin tone, lifestyle and of course, the degree of scarring. It is also important to know that insurance coverage does not apply to elective cosmetic procedures and most spa's and doctors DO NOT provide a guarantee for their services.

Best Stretch Mark Removal For You

Before deciding on any method to treat or prevent stretch marks make sure to do your homework. There are a number of very good topical stretch mark creams on the market today. However, not all extend a money back guarantee for their product or offer true testimonials and untouched before and after photos from their clients. Make sure to carefully check the ingredients on the label. Anything that starts with a paraffin or mineral base is not going to be very effective. Make sure all of the ingredients are natural, safe to use while pregnant and breast feeding, and are completely hypoallergenic. Look for honest stretch mark cream reviews about the product before purchasing. Expect to spend at least $70 to $100 for an effective product. Remember, it's well worth the price to get the great results, and deciding upon a stretch mark removal cream will cost considerably thousands less than other treatments mentioned above.

Recommended Products

EC Research Corp, the company that manufactures TriLastin -SR, has a trusted reputation among the skin care industry and is most well known for having developed a full line of anti aging skin care products, including their famous stretch mark and cellulite body care products. EC Research is located in the USA, Their exclusive products are rarely found in stores, and enjoys a celebrity clientele as well as millions of women worldwide that purchase them online.

TriLastin offers money saving coupons and in depth reviews for all of their products, as well as an iron clad "Try It For 60 Days, Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee" that is the best in the business. Not to mention the amazing testimonials they receive from satisfied, repeat customers.

In closing, it is important to know that when using any stretch mark treatment, everyone will experience different results depending upon their individual skin texture and degree of damage that the stretch marks have done to your skin. Your personal happiness with the results depends on your reasonable expectations.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Stretch Mark Removal Options

Stretch marks are a common skin condition that effect millions of people of every ethnicity. Although a small majority of men get them from bodybuilding or growth spurts that were brought about due to fluctuation in hormonal levels during puberty, over 90% of women share this problem because of pregnancy. Whatever the cause may be, the most frequent question asked is, is it possible to get rid of these embarrassing marks?

The good news is that you do not have to live the rest of your days hiding behind baggy clothes at the beach and avoiding looking at you body in the mirror. Today, there are a number of stretch marks treatment options to choose from.

Stretch Mark Cream

The most popular way to effectively fade the appearance of existing marks is by using a stretch mark removal cream. This method appeals to most women simply because this treatment can be done at home and is extremely affordable when compared to surgical procedures or laser therapy.

The typical stretch mark cream costs an average of $70.00 for a 6 to 8 oz tube. This will be enough for a one months application when applied twice daily. Of course, you may need a bit more depending upon the severity of the scarring and the size of the area on the body to be treated.

Some women use this type of skin care product as a preventative way of staving off unattractive scars before they happen!

Laser Therapy - This particular way to reduce striae, is usually done as an outpatient procedure in a doctors office. A single session cost between $375 to $500 and lasts an average of 18 to 25 minutes. These session are usually sold in a package of 6 or more, again, depending upon the amount of scarring that needs to be worked on. Do not expect to see amazing results! You will probably fare much better using a cream for stretch marks that comes with a money back guarantee and allows you to "try it risk free for at least 60 to 90 days" depending upon the product you choose. Laser therapy, is considered a cosmetic treatment and is not covered by insurance. *Note: this may cause burns and permanent uneven skin darkening depending upon your skins natural pigment.

Surgical Scar Removal - Involves a tummy tuck and works very well providing you have enough lose skin for the surgeon to cut away. The problem with this procedure is that stretch marks can effect many different parts of the body such as hips, lower back, thighs, breast and even the under arm area. After a tummy tuck procedure, you will have a scar, unless you have already had a C-section.

This is considered elective surgery and is not covered by insurance. Average cost may be $5,000 to $7,000. There is heightened chance of infection.

Your last option, which is really not an option at all is to make peace with your body and just live with your stretch marks. However, after reading all of this enlightening information, it would be hard to believe that any woman would just do nothing at all when it comes to feeling great about her body again.

I am including a link to Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream, where you can try a one month supply for up to 90 days RISK FREE. You have nothing to lose but your stretch marks...