Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Cream To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

After doing much research on the subject of stretch marks, I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that everyone is at risk of developing these unflattering marks when you least expect them. In fact, something as common as dehydration can cause undue stress to dry parched skin.

Most people when asked about these unsightly dark red marks think that they are solely associated with pregnancy. While pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing stretch marks due to weight gain and extreme stretching of the skin around their abdomen and breast area this statement does not necessarily ring true. Their have been a number of women that have had numerous births and have emerged totally stretch mark free.

The truth is that stretch marks happen when the three layers of the skin are compromised due to stress. The more pliable and supple the condition of the skin the easier it is to avoid getting stretch marks. If you are interested in keeping your body free of these unsightly skin scars make sure to incorporate these three important habits in your daily routine:

MOISTURIZE, your skin both day and night. Make sure to use an effective all over body moisturizer that is made with all natural ingredients. One of the most effective and guaranteed stretch mark prevention creams available today is TriLastin-SR. TriLastin has been especially formulated to work with your skin to avoid stretch marks from occurring.

HYDRATE, yourself throughout the day, everyday! Make water your best friend. Avoid caffinated and carbonated beverages as these are diuretics that are extremely dehydrating. When your skin is fully hydrated your risk of developing stretch marks due to dry parched skin is greatly diminished. Hydrated skin will appear plumped up and younger looking and who doesn't love that look!

HEALTHY DIET, you are what you eat! That is not just a cliche, it pertains to your over all health and that includes the health of your skin. A diet rich in nutrients such as fruits, nuts, grains and dark leafy greens help to keep skin fibers strong and at less risk to rupture under stressful situations that may arise from pregnancy, weight gain and growth spurts.

Everyone is at risk of developing stretch marks, however knowing what to do to avoid them is easy. Just follow these guidelines, use your cream for stretch marks religiously and you will help to minimize your chances by keeping your skin health, strong and well hydrated.

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