Monday, May 27, 2013

How To Remove Stretch Marks

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Although there is a long list of female problems that the average woman has to deal with in life -- nothing can be more troublesome than stretch marks. These permanent, deeply etched skin scars are not at all harmful to the health - however, they are most debilitating to the fragile psyche of a woman's ego. In dealing with the tender subject of correcting these ugly and embarrassing marks, the most frequently asked question by far is, How do I safely remove stretch marks?

The honest answer is that stretch mark removal is a long process that can provide extremely good results in at least 90% of all cases if you are willing to invest the time in proper diet, hydration and most of all making a 60 to 120 day commitment to using a clinical strength stretch mark cream to heal and replenish collagen and elastin that has been depleted in damaged skin.

There are many ways to correct stretch marks. The most popular methods of stretch marks treatment available can range from using an affordable stretch marks cream, to spa procedures which include micro dermabrasion, laser therapy to more drastic cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks.

Unfortunately, most women just do not have the budget and time to invest in these risky and costly treatments. The good news is that millions of women have found that it is easy and effective to correct their unsightly stretch marks in the privacy of their own home by gently massaging stretch mark removal cream to any area of the stomach, breast, hips, thighs or any other area of the body that they wish to dramatically improve the look and feel of any problems they may have. This method is as easy as making sure to use a gentle exfoliate twice daily by using a loofah or natural body scrub just before bathing.
Exfoliate Twice Daily

The second step is to apply a generous amount of your choice of stretch mark cream directly to each mark. Allow the cream to completely soak in by using a circular massaging motion.

I would advise doing this both morning and evening, and even a 3rd time if your schedule and budget permits.

Depending upon the severity of your scars, you should begin to see a visible difference in as little as 3 weeks. A total transformation should be complete within 6 moths of using this prescribed method of correction.

If you have not yet begun the process of rejuvenating your damaged skin, I am sure you will find that by using the right stretch marks treatment for your individual needs will be most rewarding.

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