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DIY: Stretch Mark Removal

Easy Stretch Mark Removal
One of the top beauty concerns of most women - and some men, is getting rid of ugly stretch marks. The two main reasons why stretch mark removal goes unchallenged is because of economic concern and basic lack of knowledge. That is until "DIY", also known as "Do It Yourself" has become wildly popular among an ever growing group of people who read online blogs which show how easy it is to remove stretch marks easily and affordably in the privacy of their own home.

Although there are 3 ways to go about the task of lessening the appearance of these embarrassing body scars, 2 of the ways come with a hefty price tag, not to mention safety issues and no guarantees.

If I have your attention and you are wondering what these 3 stretch mark removal procedures may be they are in order of cost:

Surgical Tummy Tuck - Involves admittance to a hospital and is considered cosmetic surgery. Therefore, not covered by insurance. The risk for infection is high as with any surgical procedure. The recovery may be up to 6 weeks, and you will be left with a scar that looks much like an incision form a C-Section. Correct me if I am wrong, but are we not trying to remove unsightly marks? Not add to the problem?
Another problem with tummy tucks, is that they are only performed on the lower part of the abdomen. In most cases, the desired outcome is less than expected, simply because stretch marks are generally spread over the hips, buttocks and thigh area. They are not concentrated in one area. In fact, after pregnancy or extreme weight gain for other reasons, women have been left with deep red welts across their breast, inside of thighs and arms. Tummy tucks come with no satisfaction guarantee.
Average Price: $7,925. Wow! that's a lot to spend on getting rid of stretch marks ...

Professional Laser Treatment - A series of laser treatments can be used to remove dead skin tissue around existing areas of scarring. The success of this procedure has to do with skin tone, the severity of the scars and how long you have had your marks. You will need at least 6 to 12 treatments to actually see any visible difference. Depending upon your location and the doctor you choose the average cost can be anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000, with a national average cost of $5,100. Wow! that's a lot to spend on getting rid of stretch marks...

Stretch Mark Removal Cream - Is used by millions of people worldwide as the most affordable and safest way to dramatically reduce the look and feel of stretch marks. *Note: It is most important to use a clinical, proven product to receive permanent real results. A drugstore brand that is not much more than a body moisturizer will NOT work. Coco Butter is NOT a stretch mark cream. If you are unsure about which brand will work best for you, I strongly suggest reading at least 5 online reviews before purchasing. Stretch mark cream reviews are a valuable way of finding out about the product and what you can expect when using it.  Ingredients, instructions for best results and company guarantee and reputation should all be included in an unbiased review. The average cost of the best selling stretch mark creams sold online are between $39.95 and $85.00 for an average 6-oz tube which should last one month. *Note: This depends upon the effected area that needs treatment and severity of your marks.

Right now, the best stretch mark creams with the highest consumer ratings and best clinical results are:

                               TriLastin                  Skinception              Revitol

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