Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How Not To Get Stretch Marks

Are you concerned about getting Stretch Marks? Just about every woman is at one time or another. Although this unsightly type of skin scarring is not serious to your health, it sure can ruin the appearance of your skin - not to mention your self esteem. The best way to avoid getting stretch marks is to be smart about your body care regime and by watching your diet, weight and bodies hydration level at all times. It would also be a good idea to begin applying an emollient cream for stretch marks as the best insurance policy against getting them in the first place. Just consider it your main skin care cream as well as your best line of defense.

Understanding Stretch Marks

Your body is most vulnerable to stretch marks when the skin is dehydrated and stressed.  This is the perfect storm for the occurrence of stria (clinical term for stretch marks).

This is the main reason that over 90% of women begin to notice stretch marks in or around their 3rd trimester.  Loss of skins elasticity, coupled with a breakdown of collagen fibers and elastin deep within the layers of the hypodermis cause deep, painful tears on the hips, thighs, breast and belly of a women's body.
Of course, men are not exempt from getting these embarrassing marks.  Bodybuilding is the main cause of men's stretch marks along with older silver streaks that may have happened during growth spurts and hormonal swings in puberty. Unfortunately, an extreme weight gain at any time in a persons life will probably cause stretch marks as well.

There are many stretch mark removal creams on the market that have great results in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks after they occur, but honestly that's when it is the hardest to reverse the damage. That is why prevention can not be stressed enough!

Be decisive before deciding to use a stretch mark product, mostly because they are specifically formulated to deliver different results. For instance, the 3 best stretch mark cream products for prevention are Skinception, TriLastin and Revitol. If you are lucky enough to be stretch mark free, then please, make the investment in your skin and use any one of these body care products as your daily moisturizer. They may cost a fraction more than other name brand moisturizing creams, but they have superior ingredients that will nourish and protect your skin while keeping it healthy and super elastic. Believe me, it's worth the price.

In fact, after reading the companies 60 to 90 day risk free trial guarantees, return policies, client testimonials, and checking out each individual products reviews, along with clinical before and after photos you will find that they are also the most effective and affordably priced of over 100 different brands sold online today.

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